Grass That Can Withstand Wear And Tear Of Large Dog

Question From: A. Lee - Liberty, Kentucky, United States
Q: I have a 2 year old Great Pyrenees. If you know anything about that breed you will realize they spend parts of their day (usually after dark) almost constantly on the move as it is in their nature to 'protect livestock' (doesn't matter whether or not you actually have any livestock). Anyway, my Pyr has a fenced-in area in back of my house and wears away the grass not only on tracks around the perimeter fence but she cuts across the grass, too, so I wind up with a lot of bare areas interspersed with grass. I do not expect a perfect lawn with having a dog but I have not been able to find a workable solution so that I can have more grass than is currently in her area. I have even thought about the spray-on grass stuff they advertise on TV but I don't know if that is really safe (non-toxic) for dogs. Do you have any suggestions as to a type of grass I might try (instead of the generic mix bluegrass I have been buying in bags from the local gardening store)? Thank you.

A: Google grasses recommended for wear and tear by large dogs. You will find several to choose from. You might even try a mix. Good Luck and let me know what you find. Trick will be getting them to the mature state. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy