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Q: My grass has turned Brown very quickly within the last 4 to 5 weeks. I live in Nantucket Mass but am only here every 4to 5 weeks. My gardener thinks its overwatered, but she turned off the sprinkler system and it has gotten worse. After doing some reading I suspect grubs but I have not been able to see any. I can send a picture if that would help. We also have heard a small alligator has been sunning on our stone steps and I wondered if it could be alligator urine. ( I know an alligator in Nantucket sounds crazy) but it has been seen by multiple people including our gardener. We have yet to see the culprit, thanks for your help


Your grass may not be getting enough water and it may have gone dormant in the heat. Check to see how much water your system is putting out - Set out tuna cans and see how much collects in 20 minutes and do the math. You may be surprised. You were very low on rainfall in July and August. I doubt the alligator had anything to do with the problem. If it were the gator there would just small spots of brown. Grub damage shows up in late August, so your brown out was probably too early. Be patient and see what happens when fall rains arrive. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy