Green Arborvitae Bushes Turning Brown On Tips

Question From: A. Niwenizin - MARYLAND
Q: I recently noticed that two of my Green Giant arborvitae bushes have a brown color only on the tips. This has not occurred all the way around the bushes - the back of the bushes are fine right now. The bushes appeared healthy and were growing pretty rapidly throughout the summer and early fall. I did put some good fertilizer on all the bushes, but none of the other eight have shown any change. I also did not use as much fertilizer as recommended. I am wondering if these brown tips are caused by spider mites and if so, what I can do about it. Thank you.


Browning on the tip of these shrubs is not a good sign. Could be damage from herbicide, pesticide or fertilizer spray. Fine drift can be very damaging and can occur in small areas. Perhaps you can check what went on nearby in summer and fall. Please let us know what you find. Happy Yardening, Nancy.