Grey Birch Trees Have Bronze Birch Borer Insects

Question From: d. nelson - WISCONSIN
Q: Does Bayer Tree and Shrub treat for Bronze Birch Borer insects? It isn't listed on the packaging (Bio Advanced Tree & Shrub insect control). I need a product for Bronze Birch Borer attacking my Grey Birch trees. Please advise and where can I buy the product I need? Thank you.

A: Sorry,I can't help you with that one, I don't know what chemicals are llicensed in Wisconson and it's against the law for me to recommend something that isn't. It's also against the law to use a product for which it is not labeled. Check with your local independent garden center or your County Extension. The have a help line. If it is a large tree you can go to and enter your zipcode to find a tree care expert. You want to use a certified arborist, Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy