Growing Rosemary Year Round With Cold Winters

Question From: M. Johnson - NEW YORK
Q: HI Nancy, my name is Mike and I live in Staten Island NY. I have been trying to keep my rosemary plants all year round trying various methods but have not yet been successful. Winters seem to be too cold for the plant and indoors they did pretty well but then also ended up dying. I am not an expert gardener but I love plants and herbs and try every year to do my best. I have hardy rosemary plant left that I had planted last summer into the ground and did well last summer. This winter was not too bad but we did have some snow and cold spells. I notice that my hardy rosemary plant that is several years old is all of sudden turning brown. Almost 70% of the plant now has brown leaves and some stems have small flowers blooming. What am I to do to try to save this last rosemary plant in my garden? let me know if you would like for me to send photos. Thank you very much.


Mike, Know that you are not alone. Outdoors I think it's a crapshoot where you live. Indoors, I have been successful by keeping the plant in a cold sunny location and keeping it watered so the soil stays moist at all times. A dry rosemary indoors is a dead rosemary. Hope this helps. Nancy