Has Anyone Expressed Interest In Invasive Milkweed Seed Pods

Question From: M. Viers - Warren, Michigan, United States
Q: Hello Nancy, Wow! What a list of questions you've answered! :) I read a few to solve some of my yardening problems. Thanks. The question I would like to ask is if you know of anyone who has expressed an interest in obtaining milkweed seed pods to plant next spring. I have a corner of the yard dedicated to milkweed (waaaaay out back where I can keep it in one place) and it's just loaded with seed pods but I don't want to foist milkweed off on some inexperienced yardener who doesn't know how invasive milkweed can be. I live in Warren (Mound and 9 mile area) and would be happy to give seed pods to anyone that would like them while supplies last. :)

A: No one has ever asked and because it is an invasive plant I can't promote it in my column. Best Nancy