Healthy Cucumber Plant Blossoms Dry Up And Do Not Produce Fruit

Question From: T. Slawinski - MICHIGAN
Q: Dear Nancy......... Last Summer I had a very small vegetable "truck" garden(24' X 12') with 6 cucumber plants, along with tomato and bush greens beans....... I used a good ground fertilizer when preparing the soil...... The garden is slightly elevated about 1/2 ft........ My problem is that there were hundreds of cucumber blossoms, but 85% or so, just dried up after a growth of an inch ......... Being that it was a very dry Summer, I watered every 2nd day, and used a hose end fertilizer every 7 - 10 days.......... I also had to use an recommended animal repellant for protection....... What is puzzling is that the plants themselves seemed to be very strong and healthy and the tomatoes and beans where very productive....... I've asked several knowledgeable gardeners about this, but they have no clue........ Could the plants themselves be flawed somehow ?????? Please help Nancy


Cucumber vines produce both make and female flowers. The need bees to transfer pollen from the male flower to the female flower. If that doesn't happen the cucumber dies. Sounds like you had too few bees. You can pollinate the flowers using an artist brush. Pick up the yellow powder - the pollen,  with the brush and transfer it to the female flower, the ones with tiny cukes. Planting a parthnocarpic cumberber, such as Diva, (Johnnys Seeds) is also an option. These vines only produce female flowers. Planting flowers to attract bees is also a possibility. And  do not use pesticides. Happy Yardening, Nancy


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