Hemlock Trees Are Turning Yellow

Question From: B. Norton - Uniontown, Ohio, United States
Q: I have a row of six Canadian Hemlocks and two of them are starting to turn yellow, which I fear is from over watering. I was told by a local nursery that I cannot over water them. They are 2-1/2 years old, planted on a hill and I fertilized them just once earlier this year in the spring with Holly Tone. Is over watering truly not a concern? Any idea why two of them have yellow color foliage mixed in with green? The second issue is that I'm trying to nurse one of the Hemlocks back to health. It started to deteriorate within the first year. Some branches have started to look better at the tips but the middle parts have dead shoots that just fall off if touched. If I prune them in the fall, it seems I'll cut off the better areas at the tips. Is it okay to leave it as describe and continue to water it regularly in hopes that it will come back? I plan to fertilize all of them again in October. You're advise will be greatly appreciated.

A: These trees do not tolerate drought and drying winds, so they need sheltered conditions. They do best in moist well drained soil. Heavy soil (clay) from which water does not drain is death for them. They are best pruned in late winter or very early spring. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy