Hibiscus Leaves And Buds Turning Yellow And Buds Do Not Bloom

Question From: M. Gotla-Sellers - Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Q: My rosemellow balcony plant fully bloomed and then it started suddenly having yellowish look to its leaves and the buds would turn yellow and dry out and not bloom. I water the pant everyday. I live in Ontario, Canada and its summer presently but the days have been cool but some days have been humid and hot. Please advise how to save my plant

A: I believe you are overwatering your Hibiscus. Yellowing leaves in the middle and bottom of the plant indicate the plant is drowning. Keep the soil moist at all times, but not soaking wet. This season has been cool, so your plant is not happy. Also, it needs full sun in the North and we have been short on those this summer. I would check the soil before you water. If it is moist pass on the water. Fertilize it with fish fertilizer every other week. I like Neptune's Harvest with Fish and Kelp. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy