Hibiscus Moved From Shade To Full Sun Are Dropping Buds Before They Open

Question From: h. kahn - CALIFORNIA
Q: Two weeks ago my gardener planted three small beautiful hibiscus plants in full sun. For one week they were glorious, the red one still is but the white and yellow one drops their buds way before they're ready to open. When I asked my gardener why he said it was because they were in the shade when he bought them and now they're in full sun. He said it would take awhile for them to adapt. Also...I live in Mexico at 6500'. I put in my son's L.A. zipcode...sorry but I don't know how else to reach you. Gracias!

A: Your hibiscus need to be hardened off. Allow them 4 hours of morning sun and then cover them. You can uncover them an hour or so before the sun sets. After a couple of days add an hour sun a day until they are in full sun all day. Be sure to keep them watered. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.