Hollies Infested By Mealybugs

Question From: York, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: Help, mealybugs have infested our hollies. We have sprayed them with soapy water and Neem oil several times but the results have been limited. I am concerned that this nasty ravenous bug will infest the surrounding flowers and plants as I noticed a few mealybugs on the rose campions next to the hollies. Is there anything to "kill" the mealybugs or do I do I need to take out the hollies? (Would prefer to save them.) Also the decaying leaves under the hollies have mealybugs on them too, does the soil need to be treated?

A: Cheryl, I would use a product called AzaMax. It's organic, OMRI listed. Read and follow the directions. It is not a silver bullet so you must re-apply. Clean up and bag the mess under the hollies and mulch with fresh material. Be sure to spray the undersides of the leaves. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.