Honeysuckle Has Irregular Cutting Or Chewing Marks On Leaves And Leaves Near Base Are Yellowing

Question From: Kalama, Washington, United States
Q: my honeysuckle has irregular cutting/chewing on leaves; it has yellowing/brown leaves near base; there are no easily apparent insects; what do you suspect?

A: If the cutting/chewing on the leaves look like big bites and the damaged leaves are around the bottom of the vine, it might be 4 -footed critter. If the chewed edges are finely cut its probably bugs or caterpillars. Take samples to your local independent garden center. Many insects have a limited life cycle so look for fresh cuts before treating the shrub. Dead and dying leaves at the base of the plant may just be old leaves passing on. Along with samples of damaged leaves take along some photos. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy..