Honeysuckle Has White Worm Like Bugs And Leaves Are Turning Brown And Crispy

Question From: R. Seimans - Blaine, Washington, United States
Q: We have very small white worm type bugs on our honeysuckle plant. Majority of foliafe has turned brownish and crispy. HELP

A: Ruth, I believe those tiny worms are the larvae of the Spotted Wing Drosophlia (aka fruit fly). You can spray the vine with a product called AzaMax according to package directions. It is OMRI listed and earth and people friendly. A spinosad based product (Cap't Jack's Dead Bug Brew from Bonide) is another option, however it is not bee friendly so I would not use it if vine is in flower. A stiff stream of water will knock them off the plant. I question whether the dry crisp leaves are a result of pest damage. Lack of water would be my guess. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.