Honeysuckle Leaves Are Balled Up And Lumpy And Flowers Do Not Open Properly

Question From: J. Hodgson - Brighton, , United Kingdom
Q: I live on the south coast in the UK and my garden soil is quite poor and chalky. I have a Lonicera Goldflame which is 3 years old and has grown quite well and does not look completely unhealthy. However, some of the leaves are balled up and lumpy and the flowers never open properly and also look balled up. Consequently I never benefit from the heavenly scent of honeysuckle. Can you advise me please

A: Aphids are probably the cause. Cutting the vine back way back in fall ( bag the cuttings so the eggs don't overwinter in the compost) and starting a weekly spray program as soon as new growth kicks in is your best defense. I'd use a systemic insecticide listed for your plant. A hard stream of water can be used to knock the bugs off in addition. Check with your local garden centers for recommendations. Products vary from country to country. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy