Horn Worm Diet And Milkweed Butterfly

Question From: d. wheeler - FLORIDA
Q: do horn worms damage penta's I noticed one on the leaf and have you ever seen a cacoon that resembles a petrified butterfly. I thought it was a leaf then I looked closer and saw a body that looked like brownish with wings and tenticals wrapped around my milkweed stem. in two days everything was gone. Should I let the horn worm be or get rid of it?


The horn worm feed on tomatos, peppers and potatoes. they morph into very cool Sphinx moths some call hummingbird moths. Because I love my maters I dispatch them in soapy water. I saw two moths this week, so my dastardly deed did not rid me of them. Milkweed is the host to Monarch butterflies. You probably saw a hatching in progress. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy.