Hosta Crowns Crumble In My Hands

Question From: Taylors, South Carolina, United States
Q: I have had big beautiful hostas for about 10 years. They've gotten damaged by summer heat each year but they've always rebounded nicely in the spring. This spring we had an awful hail storm just as the crowns were about ready to leaf out there was a lot of water runoff from the storm right across the hosta bed. Only a few leafed out, and those look pitifully small. Do you think they were damaged by the hail or the water inundation? Is it possible that they will come out next year? Unfortunately, the crowns that I have examined have crumbled in my hand. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and replant this year.

A: Sounds like you will need to replant. Crumbling crowns are a sign of death. Some hostas take sun better than others, so do a google search before you shop. Best Nancy