How And When To Fertilize English Ivy

Question From: D. Ohnemus - Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Q: We live in Virginia Beach, VA. We have a bed of English Ivy in our front yard that has an Eastern exposure. What is the best type of fertilizer for it? We've heard that a high nitrogen product is best. When should it be fertilized? Thank you

A: I recommend you use Espoma Holly Tone according to package directions.It's a slow release organic fertilizer available at most big boxes and garden centers. Now is a good time to apply it. High nitrogen fertilizers are commonly used on grass, where fast growth in required to replace what has been cut. It can be harmful to ground cover, such as English Ivy. Here's what the Yardener, Jeff Ball, recommended for care of english Ivy ground covers -

Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy