How And When To Transplant Ajuga

Question From: S. Patterson - Missouri, United States
Q: Hello, We planted Ajuga in a large bed in the front out our house. We want to dig it up and move it all to another location so we can put other things in it's place. We really would like to do this in October. I'm getting mixed info on when to do this. Is October ok or do I need to wait until Spring?

A: Ajuga is very easy to transplant. Early in the month would be fine. Make sure you water the established bed and the new area well a day or two before the big move. Keep the new transplants moist. I would also mulch the new plantings with pine needles when the leaves fall. Do not fertilize with nitrogen. It will stimulate new growth and you want the roots to establish. A couple of inches of compost should do the job. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy