How Close Can Japanese Maple Be Planted To Home Foundation

Question From: A. Forby - Makanda, Illinois, United States
Q: I live in southern Illinois. A friend gave me a serrated Japanese Maple as a gift and I am trying to decide where to plant it. Is this bush/tree suitable for planting near (4' from) the foundation of our house? I am concerned that a substantial root system also might interfere with our well head and water line which would be approximately 15' from the place I would like to plant this bush. Thanks for your help!

A: Siting depends on many things. The mature size of the tree, the kind of tree, competition from other plants and don't forget sun and exposure. Japanese Maples come in all sizes. Trees should be planted a minimum of 10 feet from a well head, but keep in mind what happens if the well needs to be worked on. Trees should be 15 feet from the house. The foundation of a building absorbs moisture from the soil. The tree needs protection from winds. Do some research to find out the mature size of the specie you are plant. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy