How Fast Does Rose Rosette Disease Spread

Question From: M. Broda - Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States
Q: Your article on Sept 20th answered my question that has bugged me since last year. I noticed the elongated red stem with deformed leaves and buds but just diddn't give it that much thought. This year I have another elongated stem and so I know what I have to do, and she is beautiful. Do you think I waited too long and maybe my garden is more infested then I think? My question is not but 10' away is my registered monarch waystation. Do we know if RRD can affect other plants. Thank you so much for all your articles, I always look forward to them

A: RRD only infects roses. Hard to say of others are infected. I lost one in spring and one last week. 30 plus show no signs of infection so far. In some gardens it travels fast and others not so much. Keep a close eye out. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy