How Fast Will Phlox Grow And Spread

Question From: M. Graves - Bishop, Texas, United States
Q: How fast does a Mountain Pink Creeping Phlox grow and spread. How long would a 3 ' x 6 ' area be covered with this plant. Also, I live in Zone 9. Can this plant survive in this area and would you happen to know where to purchase this plant in this area.

A: The speed of spread will depend on the condition in which it is grown. One plant may spread 2 feet in a year. Don't expect a single plant to fill a 3 by 6 foot area. Creeping phlox will survive in zone 9 but must be watered regularly in hot weather or it will burn up. Check your independent garden centers or mail order from Bluestone Perennials. Better however to buy it locally. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy