How Long To Continue To Water Transplanted Balsam Fir

Question From: J. SHERBY - East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Q: I have a Balsam Fir which was a transplant from the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. It started as a baby-baby 3 years ago and It is doing fantastically well, no summer burn, no wilt, no sign of bug damage and the tip has 7 fat maroon buds ready for the spring !! side buds coming also !! THE QUESTION :: How long should I continue to water it???? I am in Central New Jersey.. I patiently await your reply. THANKS !!

A: Keep the soil moist John. There is no pat answer. If it does not rain in a couple of weeks I would water. Our weather is nuts so old rules do not apply . Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy