How Much Can Arborvitae Trees Be Shortened

Question From: s. aluia - MICHIGAN
Q: I am a board member in a condo area Wondering, we have some 20 plus year old arborvitae tree's in our area sorry do not know varietie name, they seem to be somewhat healthy !! height ?? seem's to be 20 or 30 feet ?? how short can they be trimmed down without damanging the tree'ssome board member's want to take 10 feet off I say "NO" beause will KILL the tree what whould you say ....thank's


You can cut them back by as much as half and if they are healthy they will be fine. However they will never recover their natural form. The time to contain their height has long gone. Also, do not cut all the green from a branch or it will remain bare. Best Nancy and HappyYardening