How Much To Prune Bald Cypress Tree That Is Drooping Onto Roof Of Neighboring House

Question From: D. Adams - Georgetown, Texas, United States
Q: We have a lovely bald cypress in our front yard and have had it pruned twice to raise its profile and thin it is 18 yrs old. It, of course, has its lovely droop and I'm pretty happy with it. HOWEVER, that lovely droop is now on my neighbor's roof and she wants it off. It's already well above 8 ft from the ground so I hesitate to cut any more lower limbs off. Do I have an arborist just trim it or whack it back to the trunk ? That will mean other pruning to balance're TERRIFIC..thanks

A: You really don't have much choice. Damage your neighbor's roof and you will have to pay for it. Have an arborist look at your tree on site and make a recommendation. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy