How Much To Water A Vegetable Garden

Question From: Warwick, Rhode Island, United States
Q: HI I have a vegetable garden that is 25x50 feet. I used soaker hoses for the first time this year with a timer for 90 minutes each morning. I did not notice excessive water and my harvest was phenomenal. my water bill for one quarter during the summer was more than my annual water bill. Is this normal/ am I watering too long? Thank you!

A: You should not have to water daily. The rule of thumb is one inch of water a week. The soil should be moist but not sodden. Let the soil dry and then run the hose for 30 minutes see how much water it puts out - how deep the moisture goes. You should not have to run it more than twice a week unless you have sand. But every garden is different so you will have to play with it. Also, the weather will also make a difference. Mulching will also hold in the moisture and reduce the need for water. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy