How Much To Water Recently Planted Arborvitae With Soaker Hose

Question From: Sea Cliff, New York, United States
Q: Dear Nancy, I planted 12 sag root pine arborvitae about a foot beneath the soil. I have my soaker hose intertwined around them. My question is, how long do I leave the hose on for since I have the trees a foot deep and how many days a week do I put it on. I read where they need 5 gallons a week. Thank you , Maureen

A: I can't give you that answer. Before I buried the soaker hoses I would have laid them over a ring of tuna cans and run the hose for half an hour. Then I'd empty the cans into a container measure the amount of the contents. Then I'd do the math. I'd split the watering up into two sessions. Don't forget to measure Mother Nature's addition. The tops of your root balls should be level with the surface of the soil. If not dig them up and replant them. I'd keep up that schedule for the summer. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy