How Much Water Do Douglas Fir Trees And Orange Spice Poinsettas Need

Question From: Blaine, Washington, United States
Q: Hi, I have a few questions to ask! First is how much water does a Douglas Fir tree need? How much water does a Orange Spice Poinsettia need? How to identify was plant species my bush is? Thanks.

A: There is no pat answer to your question regarding the Doug Fir. Depends on size, rainfall, exposure, soil type, time of year, etc. Douglas Firs require moist soil and slow deep watering to a depth of 18 inches is recommended. There are hundreds of species of poinsettias on the market today and unless you grow them commercially it is difficult to identify them. See of can find a grower in your area. As for watering them saturate the pot and allow to drain thoroughly. Allow the soil to dry to almost the point of wilting. If the pot is covered in colored foil, remover it when watering so water does not collect at the bottom and rot the roots of the plant. Enjoy. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy