How Soon After Applying Bioneem Can One Eat Garden Vegetables

Question From: Wilton, Connecticut, United States
Q: How soon after applying Bioneem, can one eat garden vegetables?

A: Check the label Addi and try to contact the manufacturer, Safer, for information.  Looking online, it seems that you are not the only one who has been confused about this and even those who've tried to contact Safer in the past have received dubious and confusing information (see here:, but it's worth trying to contact Safer again as you may get a better response now. There is some information on the Home Depot website regarding Bioneem, but for liability reasons we cannot directly provide specific information or recommendations regarding timing of ingestion of vegetables when pesticides and herbicides are used (unless the information is provided on the product label by the manufacturer). Whenever you decide it's safe to eat vegetables after using Bioneem, we suggest that you wash your vegetables well with water before eating them. If you hear back from Safer, please let us know what they say at this time. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy