How To Attract Catbirds To My Yard

Question From: NEW JERSEY
Q: Hi next to my front porch I have a catbird sitting in her nest and the father is always around too! I’ve found them very interesting and I’m not familiar with anything bird related whatsoever. But I do want to look into a bird house, bird feeder, bath anything that would attract the catbirds. Also I definitely want to get food for the catbirds but not sure what food they eat. So please get back to me and let me know what food I can get for them And for her babies When they hatch so she can feed them. I read they eat bugs but I want something I can order online that isn’t alive lol. Also if I just got food for now what could I put it in that they would eat it if I can only get food now and what could I put water into?! Thanks so much!

A: I do not specialize in birds, however Jeff Ball shared information on attracting birds to your yard on the website. If I wished to cater to a certain bird I would visit a store/webstie that specializes in birds, such as Wild Birds Unlimited. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy