How To Care For Crossandra Plant Indoors Over Winter

Question From: A. Zayachkowsky - Berkley, Michigan, United States
Q: Dear Nancy, Reading your column today made me think of the plant that I bought this summer called Crossandra. It's been blooming continuously with orange flowers. I did bring it in because it is a tropical plant. I'm not sure how to care for it. I'm sure this is a plant that you would love in your home.

A: Thanks for the heads up Anna. I have seen this plant, but never tried it. According to my research it blooms from spring through autumn, so may not make a good "winter bloomer" indoors. Let me know how yours does. Keep the soil moist and give it as much light as you can over the winter. It's a bright shade bloomer in the garden. Best not to fertilize over winter. It's a light feeder, so I'd go at half the recommended rate beginning in spring. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy