How To Care For Struggling Weigela

Question From: G. Bronert - Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Q: I loved my year old weigelia til I recently found worms. I sprayed with Sevin, worms are gone, but the plant isn't doing well. I can see spider like webs and scale on lower branches. There are a few pink blooms, but mostly the branches droop and obviously not healthy. I sprayed it with Dawn and water. Which option do you recommend - Cut it back now (October) and wait til spring and hope the winter kills what's wrong, remove it. I'm in Ohio. Thanks so much.

A: Sounds like heat and water issues weakened the shrub. Keep it watered, mulch it, fertilize it in late winter or very early spring with Espoma Plant Tone according to directions. Prune and shape when buds begin to emerge in early spring. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy