How To Control Insects On Viburnum

Question From: MICHIGAN
Q: I read your email and by article a few yrs ago on insects on viburnums. I have American viburnums and followed your advice. By the end of the summer, one was 90% dead. Any advice on how to keep these healthy? Many thanks. (I can't actually see the pesky pests). Please don't publish my name or email.

A: Timing, pruning and the use of pesticides are the secrets to controling the viburnum. Pruning any time from October to very early spring is helpful. The larvae feed on the undersides of the leaves so often go unnoticed. This link to MSU will make id easy and give you some options for control This link to will explain options for control and how to use them:

Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Comment: Thanks. I'll try the Bayer product in the spring. The milder treatments like oils on bare branches don't work.