How To Deal With Cedar Bark Beetles

Question From: York, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: I've been told by an arborist that my arborvatae have cedar bark beetles and that I need to cut down the 7 that are highly effected. My question is how do I prevent these beetles from migrating to the remaining healthy trees. I'm told systemic treatment is not effective. What type of insecticide would be effective and is it available for purchase by non-professionals for home/residential use?

A: Kent, To my knowledge there is no spray listed as effective for use to eradicate cedar bark beetles for homeowner use. And if there were you do not have the proper equipment to apply it, such as a high power sprayer. The following website has more information on this pest and homeowner suggestions as to coping with it. I would suggest you have them treated by an arborist if you wish to save your trees. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy