How To Determine If Tree Roots Pose A Risk To A House Foundation

Question From: Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Q: Hello Nancy, I am looking at placing an offer on a Unit in undulating Highbury SA. However there are 3 large trees giving me grief. One seems to be a 100ft Sweet Gum tree. One a Lilly Pilly so Bunnings have advised me. These 2 are concerning re the roots. They are in close proximity to house but have been there for 40yrs plus probably as has the double brick house. There are no signs of cracking on the exterior of the home and none inside but of course he could have taken care of that lol! The foundations are probably deeper being on a slope but the footpath around the house shows some lifting only in one place and nothing in the brick walls. People have said if there is nothing showing after 40yrs I shouldn't worry. Please can you give me some of your knowledge lol?

A: Jenni, I do not have the education or qualifications to answer your question. To get an accurate assessment a trained professional would have to do an onsite inspection as every situation is different due to soil and topical variations The massive root system can extend beyond the canopy of the sweet gum. Do have a professional check it out. Best Nancy