How To Determine Proper Mix Of Fertilizers

Question From: A. Muldoon - Dothan, Alabama, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, I garden in large containers. Recently I purchased an organic fertilizer called Millorganite. It does not contain potassium. The rate of application for the Millorganite is 2/3 cup per 5 gallons of potting mix and it has a nutrient ratio of 5-2-0. I have both Espoma Green Sand and Potash on hand. What would be the recommended amount of either or both of these products to add to my mix?

A: Anna, I haven't a clue as I am not trained in the field of fertilizer formulation. Variables depend on what you are growing, contents of the potting soil and volumes. I suggest you visit an independent garden center that specializes in organic fertilizers. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy