How To Fertilize With Scotts Garden Soil

Question From: J. Merchant - LOUISIANA
Q: I am a neophyte container Gardner with 3 beds > One has strawberries . One has watermelon's and the 3rd is a mixture of peppers , tomatoes and cucumbers. The beds were constructed with 1/3 compost 1/3rd Scott's garden soil and a mixture of cow manure compost. My questions are with the Scott's having fertilizer in it when and how much should I add fertilizer to the beds .


John, You have asked the $64 question. There is no way for me to tell how much fertilizer is in the Scotts potting soil as the numbers on the bags have nothing to do with reality. Long story. However, I have a call into Scotts and hope to get the answer for you. That said, you have enough nutrients to start planting. Best Nancy.