How To Find A Gardener

Question From: L. Salazar - MICHIGAN
Q: I read your column every week in the Detroit News. Thought I would run something by you. Being isolated, depending in a limited way on phone contacts with landscapers, right now is a hard time to get help with the yard. Times have changed, and I believe nurseries have to catch up. Two would provide help only with a designer providing a map of the property, recommendations and bids ($750). I did this when the house was new, now I just need help filling in. It is a different day. I don’t want to visit a nursery office and don’t want a map of the property, just some help which I will be glad to pay for. We are going to be in this for a long time. Any ideas?

A: I recommend you contact the association of professional gardeners: . Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy