How To Find Soaker Hose Fitting And Accessory Information

Question From: K. Goldenberg - CALIFORNIA
Q: Hello - I bought I 100’ soaker hose, the kind you cut to size that does not have a hose connection at the ends. In fact I got a kit with connectors, pressure regulator, etc. from Gardener’s Supply. The problem is when connecting it to a sprinkler riser you need to rig up a multi-piece system. There are very cheap connectors that go from a 1/2” riser to a 1/2” soaker hose, the problem is if you want to use a regulator it’s not simple. Are there pressure regulators that fit a riser at on end and have to barbed male connection at the other that fits into the soaker hose?

A: I am not familiar with that product. Gardener's Supply guarantees their products and you should contact them with your questions and issues. Best Nancy and Happy Yardeining.