How To Flatten Out The Bottom Of A Metal Watering Can

Question From: S. Wentworth - Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States
Q: Unfortunately I left my metal watering can outside with water in it. Last night the temperature dipped below 28 degrees, the water froze and seriously distorted the bottom. No holes but the can wobbles when I turn it upside down. How can I flatten out the bottom of my watering can?

A: The only way is to level out the bottom by hammering it. I would think a wooden mallet would be the best tool to use. Seek the advice or help from a a person who works with metals. - a real handy person. Good Luck Nancy and Happy Yardening

Comment: Dear Nancy, I have a rubber mallet and I might try that. I like your idea of seeking help from someone who knows metal. We do have a metalist in town—I hadn't thought of going to his business! Perfect. The watering can is/was such a sweet antique. Thanks so much for your help toward getting it restored! Happy Thanksgiving. Skye

Response: Good Luck Skye. I love antique watering cans. Best Nancy