How To Gain Control Of Grass That Is 50 Percent Weeds And Crabgrass

Question From: B. WALKER - WYOMING
Q: Greetings, I'm trying to gain control of my lawn which is 50% weeds/crabgrass. Should I nuke it now (fall) let it lay dormant for winter, then overseed in Spring? Thanks so much for this great website resource! cheers, B.W.

A: Bruce, My lawn pro recommends using a broadleaf weed killer now to kill the perennial weeds leaving the grass intact. The crab grass is an annual that will die over the winterring . However you will still have seeds that will sprout in spring along with grass seed. The pro recommends applying a pre emergent in spring when the soil temp reaches 50 degrees and fertilizing the grass, Following the directions on pre-emergent package for timing, overseed bare spots. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.