How To Get Creeping Phlox To Thrive

Question From: J. SHERBY - NEW JERSEY
Q: I set up 20 Creeping phlox last spring and half of them died and went totally brown. Before the winter, I painstakingly went plant by plant and took out any weeds that might be choking it out. I really want to get that full-color pink carpet effect within the next 5 years... What can I do now to help it along? Pinch off? spread the runners out? leave it alone? I have given it a foot of new ground all around to allow it to spread.. Can you help me? I know mountain pinks flower quite early here in New Jersey. What can I do ?


Creeping phlox require good drainage more than anything else. If you planted them during hot dry weather they may have perished from heat and lack of water. When flowers begin to fail some gardeners over water and fertilize them with chemicals. Not good either. Creeping phlox like humus rich fertile soil. Keep it moist but not sodden. I would give them a soil drench of fish and kelp fertilzer, such as Neptune's Harvest, in spring, and that's it. A light mulch of composted bark will help to keep the soil moist, but keep it away from the plants stems. If you have heavy clay add gravel to the soil for better drainage. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy.

Q: I WANT TO KNOW IF i COULD GET SOME ADVICE SURROUNDING MOUNTAIN PINKS FOR THIS SPRING'S BLOOM.... I see in the " A: " part of tghis message that there is nothing there... will an answer to my question be forthcoming as to what to do in this case?? I patiently await your advice, Thank-you.

When the plants begin to show new growth I would fertilize them with Neptune's Harvest Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer, according to the package directions. I would then mulch around and under the plants with an inch or so of fine pine bark mulch. Assuming they are planted in the proper conditions, part shade, especially in the afternoon.Organic rich soil kept just moist through the season, they should thrive. Do not fertilize again until next spring, Actually, once established they do not really need fertilizer. Shear off spent blooms and cut off any tatty or dead runners.
Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.
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