How To Get Rid Of Moles In Lawn

Question From: Howe, Indiana, United States
Q: Is there any way to control moles in my grass lawn after they have dug their channels? Is there some kind of mole killer that can be spread on the lawn or spray? Thank you

A: Stew, There are several ways to dispatch moles from your yard but spraying the lawn with poison is not one of them. It's neither effective nor safe for the environment, you or others that may share your space. Mole repellants that contain castor oil work when used according to package directions. They must be watered in after spraying. It's best to do the area where the moles are working and work out. Make two or three applications. The mole will head for the untreated space and end out leaving the area. Traps also work if placed in transportation tunnels. Sweeney's makes good traps and you can find the Sweeney Gopher Trap on Poison worms are another product for use in the mole runs. Bonide is one manufacturer and Sweeney makes one as well. They also work when used according to package directions. This is what professionals use. It takes patience, but it can be done. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy