How To Grow Crotons And Might The Branches Snap If There Are Too Many Leaves

Question From: C. Blank - Macomb, Michigan, United States
Q: Hello, I saw your article in the paper which showed a picture of a Codiaem variegatum plant. When I got my new job, I was told I was in charge of caring for a large plant that looks just like the one pictured. This plant however has long branches coming from the roots and the beautiful leaves start about 2 feet from the base. I took such good care of it in the last 2 years that it now has twice as many leaves and these branches are leaning and heavy. I'm afraid they're going to snap. Can I cut them at some point and try to root them again? Will the base plant then bush out from the bottom with new growth. I am afraid to do anything, but don't want the plant to die. It's been at this office forever. Thanks for any suggestions.

A: Cindy, I have not grown Crotons ( the common name) so I have no personal experience. However, there are websites that give good instruction that you can find using Google. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy