How To Grow Hostas Under Mature Trees

Question From: M. Zormeier - South Lyon, Michigan, United States
Q: Good morning Nancy, I have a crimson king maple and a red maple that I would like to plant perennials under. A neighbor suggested that Hosta's would grow anywhere. Although I have them elsewhere in my yard, they did not grow under the trees. Do you have any suggestions? Thank You

A: If the trees are older and established plants will have a tough time establishing as they must compete with the tree roots for water. That said,I was able to grow Hostas under a 60 foot silver maple. My secret was to start with very small plants, which were easy to plant. Using a thin bladed trowel. I it rocked it back and forth in the soil to create a hole, added a bit of compost and tucked them in. You will need to be judicious about keeping them watered. I mulched around them with shredded leaves and fine wood chips. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Q: Nancy, Could you tell me the type of Hosta's that would work best? Thank you.

A: Gold Standard is a strong grower as is Krossa Regal and Patriot. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy