How To Grow Prayer Plants

Q: Every time my prayer plant gets a "baby" the first plant dies. What is going on, and how can I prevent this? I see other prayer plants that are large, my prayer plant is always just one little lonely plant.


Tabetha, First I have to admit I am death to houseplants - exception succulents - it's a watering issue. That said first stop is basic cultural needs bright indirect sunlight / consistently moist soil ( this one would not last long in my abode). It also likes temps in the 70's. Cool houses will not make it happy. Next look at fertilizing. Only when actively growing and once every 2 weeks. I recommend you use an organic liquid fish and kelp fertilizer, such as Neptune's Harvest. Prayer Plants are sensitive to chemicals in water so I suggest you water with bottled water or better yet rain water. I would also re-pot the plant using a soil-less potting mix that contains no additives such as fertilizers or wetting agents. That my best shot kiddo. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy