How To Identify Holly Bushes

Question From: GEORGIA
Q: I have several holly bushes next to my house front in Augusta, Georgia, that I want to plant two just like them on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I have been told they are Chinese Holly but the more I read and more I question this. Their mature leaf is a dark green with about 5-8 very stiff and painful briers. I wish to purchase and plant two as soon as I can find where to buy/ship. Should I take some pictures and send to you to confirm. I don't remember them having berries.

A: I would take photos and a few cuttings to a couple of independent garden centers or nurseries that sell these plants in area where you plan to install them. That way you will get advice as to the variety your growing but also what will grow best in the area you wish to plant the new ones. A soil sample and site photo would also be helpful. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.