How To Increase Yield Of Tomatoes Peppers Squash And Cucumbers

Question From: D. Lockard - Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Q: What soil test returned with a recommendation of 36 0 0. I grow naturally. What should I use to help the yield of my tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers?

A: Interesting. I believe that recommendation is for use in field grown crops and would be spread in spring before seeds are planted. Used in a small garden as a side dress, you risk burning your plants. In this heat I would do nothing. Not a good idea to fertilize when the temps rise about 85 degrees. I suggest you google Organic Garden Center - Memphis Tennessee. Take your soil test to one of them for an interpretation. I use Neptune's Harvest Fish and Kelp fertilizer in my vegetable garden. Espoma Tomato Tone is another option. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy