How To Keep Blueberry Indoors Over Winter

Question From: Huntley, Illinois, United States
Q: I purchase a Top Hat blueberry plant this past summer. I planted it in a pot. My question is I live in northern Illinois and do not want to plant it in the ground this fall. Can I put it in my basement or window well and what would I have to do so it will make it to the spring of 2015. Also, I purchased a small size strawberry plant and did the same by planting it in a pot. Can I do what I mentioned above so it will make it to spring 2015

A: Francis, You can store the blueberry in the basement if it is not heated - about 65 degrees. The window well may work, but much depends on the fluctuation of the temperatures. You would need to cover it so the sun does heat the area up during the day. A freeze thaw situation will kill the plants.Keeping the soil moist throughout the winter is critical. So you need to be able to water it occasionally until the soil freezes. I put a few ice cubes on the surface of the soil. They will melt and add moisture if the temps rise.You may also store the plants in an unheated garage for other building. Water pH may also be an issue. Rain water is best, so start collecting it. The blueberry plant will lose its leaves, Don't panic and don't fertilize. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.