How To Keep Bugs Out Of Vegetable Garden

Question From: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Q: Hi there im Raven, and I have a few questions concerning my vegetable garden. I wish to know how to keep bugs out of my garden such as tomato worms,sugar ants and cabbage white butterflies as well as grasshoppers. If you have any information regarding my question e-mail me back please

A: Raven, First I will tell you there is no way to rid your garden of all bugs and using strong chemicals is a danger to you and the environment. That said, sugar ants will do no harm and in fact they eat the eggs of other pests. They are considered beneficial. Tomato horn worms can be picked by hand and dropped into a jar of soapy water.Yes they are big and yes they are ugly but wear gloves. I cut off the stem they are clinging to. They do not bite:-). For your cabbage butterflies - it's their larvae that eat the leaves I recommend Bonide Thuricide. Grasshoppers are tough.I would get Reemay - floating row covers that cover your plants. They let light and moisture and air in but keep bugs out. It's all available on-line. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.