How To Keep Catbird From Pecking At House Windows

Question From: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: the catbird keeps pecking at all our windows. Today I put up white paper on the outside of the window, so it cannot see its reflection, but it keeps going to another window. Now he is at the kitchen windows. What can make it go away? We have chased it with a broom. We have tried to scare it, but it keeps coming back. I cannot leave the schoolboard white paper at the windows all the time. and I cannot cover every window in my house. Soon the neighborhood will not find it attractive. Plus I feel like I am in a whiteout zone inside my house. What will rid us of this window pecking bird???

A: Judy, I wish I had an answer for you, but I am a gardener, not a bird specialist. I suggest you visit your local birding store such as Wild Birds Unlimited or Back Yard Birds for advice. You might also check the website of the Audubon society. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy